Craig Rattlebones

Name:Craig Rattlebones
Hometown:Cincinnati, OH
Height:Not too Tall, Not too Short
Build:Fury Warrior
Blood Type:Nothing
Likes:World of Warcraft, Chilling, Cool Ranch Doritos, Root Beer, Foreign Films, Weird Al, Rock Music, Indie Music, Travelling, Concerts
Dislikes:Cold soup, Hatred, Climate Change, Being called dead, Phone Plans, Soggy Bread
Combos:Whirlwind – ← A → ← B → ← A → ← B →
↑ A B A ↓ ← → AB
Take it easy: A A A A A ↓
Blue Move: Turns you blue
SoftRocked by me: B ↓ B ↓ B ↓
Turn Style: ↓ → → A B
Hearth Stone: ← ← ← B
Bio:I’m just Stephen’s roomate. Well, obviously not just that but nothing too crazy. I just chilax and play WOW most days. I play guitar in an indie rock band and go hiking when ther world is different. Mainly just happy to be here. Thanks for reading.