Q) Who is the oldest Barnes?
A) Galen

Q) Who is the youngest Barnes?
A) The Doctor

Q) How do you open the box?
A) By opening the lock. or hacksaw.

Q) How can I open the lock (No hacksaw)
A) By finding the code. Stephen says you could also pick it but…

Q) How do I find the code to the lock?
A) This website my dear Watson.

Q) What is the combination to the lock?
A) I’m not telling


A) Ok I don’t have an answer but I really need help. -Stephen

Q) Do you think anyone will read this?
A) Yes.

Q) How are you?
A) Doing fine but losing my mind writing so much.

Q) How much Kobold, could a Kobold Kobold, if a Kobold could Kobold Kobold?
A)uhhhh Kobold?

Q) Do you think the Broncos will ever be good?
A) I don’t want to answer that.

Q) Good show to watch?
A) Cowboy Bebop if you wanna be sad, Psych if you wanna be happy. -Stephen

Q) Why did they cancel Firefly?
A) They’re Fox. They’re out to kill us.

Q) Tastiest Fruit?
A) Pineapple

Q) What should I name my band?
A) Tony the Fantastic and Wonder Mom!

Q) Li
A) 6.941

Q) Did you really make this?
A) I wish the answer were no. I’m just playing. Yeah, this was a lot of fun!

Q) Plans for 2021?
A) Sleep till 2022.

Q) Hotel?
A) Trivago!

Q) Do you have any regrets?
A) A few but most of them have to do with that summer in Sweden

Q) What happened in Sweden?
A) https://sweden.se/society/history-of-sweden/

Q) No but like, what do you regret about that summer in Sweden?
A) More then you could ever fathom.

Q) Should I be concerned?
A) Possibly but not for anything we’ve done. (Yet.)

Q) What’s in the box?
A) The last person who asked that did not like the answer.

Q) No but seriously?
A) Either a very dead cat, or a poisonous cat.

Q) Where can I find the doctor?
A) At this point we gave up looking. That’s why you should find her!

Q) Best game?
A) possibly scrabble?

Q) Do you love me?
A) More than words could ever describe. You are forever in my mind, a peaceful visage in an uncertain world. My truest saving grace. I could not come up with the words to describe how much I love you if I had infinite time and all languages memorized.

Q) Do you think robots wi-
A) Yes.

Q) Best color?
A) Bee purple.

Q) Any fun facts?
A) Did you know that Stephen is Pedextrious?

Q) Wanna go camping?
A) Always yes.

Q) Are you guys crazy?!?!?
A) You already know the answer.

Q) What took the most work?
A) The choose your own adventure. (Seriously, big props to Galen on this one!!!!)

Q) Would you do this again?
A) Probably, because we’re crazy.

Q) Anything you want us to know?
A) We put in a lot of effort on this project. Many meetings, pages of text, hand made objects, hours upon hours of coding. It took all of us working as hard as we could, but we did it with a smile on our faces because we were making it for you! We love all of you!

Q) Best holiday?
A) Halloween!

Q) Can Bonnie really speak Japanese?
A) Hai. Kanojo wa sore ga totemo j┼Źzudesu.

Q) Best fish?
A) Red Herring.