Yeah… I know… I’m easily impressed.

Wanna try a cool trick?

Ok… so… think of a number but keep it secret.

I mean it… DON”T tell me!!!   (I’m a blabbermouth)

Double it.

Add 12.

Subtract 4.

Divide by 2.

Subtract your original number.

Add 4

Double it.

Multiply by 5.

Knock off the last digit

Got your final number?  Good!

Then I will do my creepiest impression of a boardwalk psychic… wiggling fingers,candles, shawls and all.

::ridiculously stereotypical Russian accent::   “You vill find dat eef yu luk into my eyes, dat i really need more sleep.    But den I vill closs my eyes and rub my temples and tell yu dat I haf seen into yur brain and stolen the answer yu vere keeping heeden.

Your final answer is EIGHT!!!

Cool, huh?   


 Whoa… Tough crowd

One Comment on “Yeah… I know… I’m easily impressed.

  1. 2x + (12-4)
    ( ( —————- ) – x + 4) * 2 * 5 (divide by 10 and truncate) =

    ((2x + 8)/2 – x + 4) * 10 (divide by 10 and truncate)=

    (x+4 -x + 4) * 10 (divide by 10 and truncate) =

    80 (divide by 10 and truncate) =


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