Thinking is Evil

Took a nap.  I remember I used to hate those.   Now they’re heaven.

But my lovely nap was interrupted by my brain.   In Kanji the word for half includes the radical for sword/cut.

Well, duh… of course it would.   To get a fraction, you take a whole and cut it into pieces of the whole, right???


See, that’s what woke me up (of all things)  My mind is a Jim Henson’s Labyrinth of weirdness sometimes.

So… if I take ONE apple and I cut it through the center the remaining parts on the table are ½ of an apple.   The original whole apple is now GONE… DISAPPEARED and replaced with these two halves (or 4 quarters, etc.)

Which I can reconcile, but… what about something that was never a WHOLE in the first place???

Walnuts are two halves forced together against their will by a shell, and oranges are merely fractional segments inside of a convenient carrying case!

And POMEGRANATES!!!   Don’t get me started on pomegranates.  

For that kind of forced living situations, I’m thinking of calling it a delicious concentration camp!

Call the UN!

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