Defusing a Chrono Bomb Step 1

Sadly the process is not simple and the people that made it have deliberately made it as difficult as possible. They also tend to scrub the web of any references to the device so I don’t expect this post to last long. If you see it, copy it to paper, write it on a wall, whatever you need to do to save the information so others can find it.

  1. Find the switch that is on 2/3 of the time and turn it down.
  2. Find some wire cutters, you’re going to need them. Cut only the wires on the wiring diagram and cut them all at once.
  3. You will need 4 keys. One of them is metallic with only a single prong.
  4. Another is the darkest key that has 2 prongs
  5. Find one of the remaining ones with a single prong on one side if the color is red the color is wrong
  6. The final key is a double wide the color of papaya on the inside.
  7. One arrow left, the other is right, the C arrow points up with black left and right
  8. The order is simple and go from left to right. First put E at the front, parallelogram next, then 2 going down, the last is the first only turn it around.

Good LUCK, you’ll need it.

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